“Life is a tragedy when seen in a close-up but a comedy in a long shot”. Charlie Chaplin

Marvin Phipps is an actor, writer, and above all a comedic genius who can make people laugh, giggle and feel out-rightly amazing! With a naturally witty personality infused with the vibrance of courage, honesty, and hilarious truthfulness, he was born as the youngest of nine siblings in South Side Chicago. Raised by a single mother, his unique childhood inspired him to develop a very candid but enjoyable perspective towards life. Always looking out to create positivity and amusement for others around him, he was regarded as the “funny kid” in school. His ability to make people laugh and enjoy every word he uttered inspired him to follow the path towards becoming a professional humorist.

“Comedy, we may say, is society protecting itself with a smile”. JB Priestley

Following his dreams, he further polished his comedic talent by opting for formal classes in Second City, a school that specializes in sketch comedy and improvisation. He has also completed a course in acting from the Acting Studio in Chicago. Taking his inspirations from the lives and works of renowned comedians like Bernie Mac, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx, and Martin Lawrence, Marvin went on to diversify his performing arts skills. He attended several workshops to enhance his knowledge and improve his skills of acting, casting, and working in adverts. Marvin had the opportunity to work and learn from the maestros of the industry like Deon Cole (from the Tonight Show with Conan O Brien), Corey Holcomb, George Willborn, and host other prominent names.

“I was seeking comic originality and fame fell on me as a byproduct”. Martin Lawrence

Enjoying every second of what he does, Marvin’s journey through the gates of time in making people laugh and be happy has not seen a stop. He has been continuously showcasing his talent and using his passion to amuse his audiences. With a belief that happiness and laughter do not have any borders, Marvin has internationally toured with live comedian Lil Rel and is featured on the Lil Rel and Friends DVD as well. He was selected to be the opening act of Tracy Morgan at the Chicago Theatre and made his mark in several television programs like the Boss. He has performed in a large number of comedy clubs throughout the country including New York, Connecticut, Oakland, and Iowa.

“Comedy is a serious business. A serious business with only one purpose – To make people laugh”. WC Fields

Marvin was the House MC on “Open Mic Wednesdays” at Chicago Jokes and Notes Comedy Club till its closure. He loves to support new talent and give a boost to emerging new comedians. Marvin feels excited about mentoring the budding comic stars and wants to provide them the opportunity that he was given to “Bless the Mic”. Comedy is not just a job but a passion for Marvin. He aspires to work more and polish his skills further to become a renowned name of theatres, cinema, and television. His future goals include working in stage plays, starring in sitcoms, and doing commercials. He wants to diversify his acting and performing skills in cinema and wishes to become an established mainstream comedic actor.

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